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Personal Web Portal Project

As the project for this course, you will create a personal web portal. This portal will include a home page that includes links to a minimum of six additional pages. Besides the navigation, the home page will include some pictures that are special to your, maybe a paragraph or two on a something really cool going on in your life, the types of things you might include on a Facebook page.

The rest of the site will include...

  • a page that describes your family and friends,
  • a page with a fill-in-the-blank form that you can use to email other people, and
  • at least four pages that describe your favorite music, movies, video games, pets, jobs, or anything else that is important in your life.

On each of the subpages (except maybe the email one) include links to other sites that have important information on that subject. For example, maybe on your favorite-music page you include a description of Gregorian Chants, a little history of the chants, how they are important today, things like that. A few cool pictures are also a good idea. Then, be sure to add links to some sites that include chants by your favorite Monks. (What do you mean, Gregorian chants are not your favorite type of music?) On the family-and-friends page, be sure to include links to any sites they have created as well as links to their Facebook pages.

Your personal web portal will be built exclusively using Dreamweaver.


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